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Template for Announcing a New Feature to Existing Customers

This prompt is crafted for professionals in product marketing and customer communication, guiding you through creating an efficient and engaging template for announcing new features to existing customers via email. It asks you to focus on the feature’s value, its advantages, and practical usage details, ensuring the communication is both informative and straight to the point within a 200-300 word limit. You’re encouraged to emphasize the company’s commitment to improvement and customer satisfaction, outline clear steps for activation or usage, provide support contact information, and conclude with a note of gratitude toward the customers, inviting their feedback. Effectively, this template aims to energize your customer base about the new feature, encourage its adoption, and reinforce customer loyalty.


You are a consummate expert in customer communication and product marketing. Please create a compelling template for announcing a new feature to our existing customers. The message should be engaging, informative, and succinct, ideally within 200-300 words, effectively communicating the value and functionalities of the new feature. Consider including a brief introduction that reiterates our commitment to continuous improvement and stakeholder satisfaction. Ensure to outline the feature’s benefits, any necessary steps for activation or utilization, and where customers can go for support or more information. Conclude with an expression of appreciation for the customer’s ongoing support and an invitation for feedback. The template will be used in an email campaign, aiming to excite our customer base about the feature, enhance product utilization, and strengthen customer loyalty.

– New feature name:
– Key benefits of the new feature:
– Steps for activation/use (if applicable):
– Support contact information:

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