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Julie makes AI and tech feel easy and exciting, winning over audiences and planners with her enthusiastic, nerd-next-door style. Whether you’re looking for inspiration at a leadership summit or some tough love during a sales kickoff, or the perfect blend at an association conference, Julie will upgrade your event.


At events with diverse members all over the AI map and with different priorities, Julie brings something for everyone.


For leaders looking to take charge with a solid AI strategy, Julie skips the hype and provides pragmatic, actionable guidance.

Sales Teams

Sales pros eager to streamline processes and sell smarter love that Julie's has been in sales and totally speaks their language.

Julie's Most Popular Keynotes

Becoming AI-Empowered: Embrace AI to sell smarter, serve better, and save time

Dive into the world of AI, where 90% of front-runners invest to stay ahead, yet only 14% feel ready to harness its power. This session is your bridge over that gap, offering:

  • Insights into AI’s transformative role in business.
  • Strategies to select AI tools that elevate your operations.
  • Techniques for blending human insight with machine efficiency.
  • A toolkit of AI applications to streamline tasks and enhance outcomes.

Upgrade Your Teams: Build an AI-empowered organization

With 57% of leaders pivoting their companies towards an AI-driven horizon, it’s time to navigate your team through this change, not just to adapt but to lead and excel using AI. This keynote unpacks:

  • The UPGRADE Framework: A seven-step strategy to integrate AI seamlessly into daily workflows.
  • Insights on leveraging AI to supercharge problem-solving, productivity, and creativity within your team.
  • A concrete action plan for embedding AI into your team’s ethos, ensuring you’re at the forefront of innovation.

Get Your AI Shift Together: Defining Your AI Strategy Playbook

Despite over 90% of organizations acknowledging AI’s critical role in securing a competitive edge and fostering innovation, fewer than 10% have an AI playbook. This program provides:

  • Techniques for developing a unique AI playbook that resonates with your objectives and sets you apart.
  • Guidance on simplifying AI for strategic use and achieving real business results.
  • Steps for embedding AI in your operations, addressing obstacles and ethical questions.
  • Julie’s expert tools and insights for practical AI strategy implementation.

Kissing Customers for Love & Money: Innovate and improve your service and sales to make hearts go pitter-patter

In a competitive landscape, this program introduces transformative strategies, enhanced by AI, to make your business irresistibly appealing to clients through impactful interactions. Key takeaways include:

  • Strategies to forge deeper client connections, setting your business apart as a trusted, standout choice.
  • Techniques to turn your team into creative powerhouses, with AI enriching each client interaction for greater brand impact.
  • Access to Julie’s Customer Journey Map™, utilizing AI for deeper insights and customized customer experiences.
  • Tips for cultivating loyal, enthusiastic clients who champion your brand.

Think Like an Inventor: Deliver big results in 100s of little ways

In a world where innovation is crucial but seldom realized, this program combines AI with inventive strategies for everyday breakthroughs:

  • Leverage ‘Little Big Bangs’—small innovations, amplified by AI, for significant impact.
  • Hear success stories of minor tweaks leading to major wins, inspiring a culture of innovation.
  • Spot and grow daily innovation opportunities to improve processes and satisfaction.
  • Empower your team to turn ‘what ifs’ into real results, fostering creativity and impact.

Practical. Engaging. Relevant. Actionable.

"Knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining - what more could you want in a speaker? Julie spoke in Dublin recently and gave an absolutely brilliant talk. She was totally focused on what benefit she can bring to her audience vs just dishing out some 'standard presentation'. And she was generous with her time AFTER she had spoken! She is down to earth, practical and she is also great fun!"Barbara Moynihan, On Your Feet

Looking for something special?

You might be thinking, “This all looks great, but my audience is different. They need something unique when it comes to AI, tech and innovation. If only Julie could deliver THAT!”

Absolutely, she can! Julie excels in creating tailored programs that hit the mark. She dives deep into your industry’s trends, including AI, and gathers insights directly from your audience. Her dynamic presentations could involve anything from on-stage executive interviews to highlighting innovative tech your organization is keen to adopt.

The sky’s the limit. Julie’s aim? To elevate your event to the next level.

Interested in making that happen? Let’s start the conversation today.

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