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Think Like an Inventor

Deliver big results in 100s of little ways

The most innovative companies promote innovation 77% of the time compare to weak innovators who do so only 25% of the time

How could AI help your team innovate today?

The Innovation Incubator: Small Sparks, Spectacular Results

Discover the blueprint to real-world inventiveness with “Think Like an Inventor: Deliver Big Results in 100s of Little Ways Every Day.” This program merges AI savvy with the art of the ‘Little Big Bang’ to empower teams to spark innovation in the most unexpected places.

Perfect for leaders frustrated by the innovation gap, this keynote is a rallying cry to turn every team member into a mini-inventor, every day.

Why this keynote is a turning point for innovation in your organization:

  • Power of ‘Little Big Bangs’: Embrace small, smart innovations armed with AI for a monumental advantage.
  • Culture of Continuous Innovation: Be inspired by stories of subtle shifts that led to game-changing successes and foster the same spirit within your team.
  • Everyday Opportunities Magnified: Recognize and cultivate the seeds of improvement in your routine tasks, boosting satisfaction across the board.
  • Ideation to Implementation: Equip your team with the tools to convert ‘what ifs’ into ‘what’s next,’ fostering a productive, creative, and impactful work environment.

This is where innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s your business’s heartbeat. Ready to redefine the way you think about progress and impact?

The Inventor's Mindset in Action

Innovation isn’t reserved for the rare eureka moment; it thrives in the day-to-day diligence of those who dare to think differently. “Think Like an Inventor” is the catalyst that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, demonstrating how an inventor’s mindset can lead to significant leaps forward.

The ‘Little Big Bang’ Theory of Innovation: Learn to identify your ‘Little Big Bangs’—those seemingly minor adjustments that can lead to outstanding outcomes. We’ll walk you through integrating AI to magnify these moments, ensuring that your small steps translate into industry strides.

Success Stories with Actionable Takeaways: Be galvanized by tales of triumph where tiny tweaks turned the tide for businesses. These narratives aren’t just for motivation; they’re packed with practical steps you can action to spark a wave of innovation within your team.

Cultivating a Greenhouse for Growth: Discover how to spot the potential in the everyday. We’ll show you how to nurture these moments of innovation, turning them into process enhancements and customer satisfaction gold.

Key takeaways: Innovate, Impact, Inspire

Cultivate the Inventor Within

Foster a mindset that sees innovation as a daily discipline, not a distant dream.

Spot and Scale Little Big Bangs

Learn to recognize and amplify your team's innovative ideas for significant competitive gains.

Build an Innovation-forward Culture

Implement strategies that encourage continuous creativity, ensuring your team is empowered to think and act like inventors.

Process Improvement as a Pathway to Success

Use AI to streamline and strengthen your processes, turning every opportunity into tangible results.

In a world where 80% of executives yearn for innovation yet only 10% see it, stand among those who deliver. “Think Like an Inventor” isn’t just a keynote; it’s a new chapter for your organization, where the power of innovation is realized hundreds of times, every single day. Let’s ignite the inventive spark within your team and watch as it lights up your industry.

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Absolutely fantastic! The best speaker we have had for four years; the value will be immense even if we only implement 10% of what she showed us today.

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