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A Perfect Blend of Experience and Invention, Content and Connection

Experienced Professional

Julie Holmes is an inventor, app developer, pragmatic technologist, and innovation expert, plus she’s way smarter than her smartphone. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise and small business technology, she’s a master of how-to TECH IT OFF YOUR LIST.

An award-winning speaker and tech strategist, Julie has guided tens of thousands of people in why, when, and how to leverage technology effectively. Her wicked smarts, extreme enthusiasm, and cheeky humor on (and off) stage spur audiences to not only sit up and listen but also to make notes, compare phones and take immediate action.

Inventor and Entrepreneur

As the founder/co-founder of two innovation companies, Julie has designed and delivered tech products that are helping businesses grow their brands in over 35 countries.

Sure, she knows tons of cool apps and tech tools that make people and their organizations run faster, smarter, and better – heck, she’s even building a whole YouTube channel about that. But, she’s also keenly aware of how easy it is to get distracted by shiny new apps so that, before you know it, you’re buried in icons you don’t even recognize. Wouldn’t it be great to know what you really need to TECH YOUR BUSINESS UP A NOTCH without all the noise?

From entrepreneurs just getting started to executives of multinational corporations, there’s brilliant, innovative tech that can help you achieve your goals. You just have to master when to TECH IT OR LEAVE IT. Julie shows you how.

Fun Facts and Stats

25+ Years Experience

Julie has worked in companies big and small in areas such as sales, service and strategy.

5 Continent Speaker

Julie has spoken in dozens of countries around the globe. South America, call her!

6+ Years Academic Research

Julie holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in communication plus advanced certifications in leadership & strategy.

1000s of Inspired People

Having delivered 100s of keynotes and masterclasses, Julie has helped 1000s of people to upgrade their business.

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