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Upgrade Your Teams

Build an AI-empowered organization

Your teams need more than just a new app

84% of organizations do NOT have a strategy to educate their leadership about AI and AI strategy - are you ready to be the leader your teams need right now?

Transform With Strategy, Not Just Technology

As waves of leaders (57% and counting) steer their teams toward AI’s limitless horizon, the question looms large: How will you lead the charge? Perfect for associations and organizations, this program goes beyond mere apps and tools—it’s an odyssey into the mastery and skill-building that turns AI into your competitive advantage.

This keynote is your guide through the UPGRADE journey, equipping you with the foresight and tools to transform AI from a buzzword into your organization’s superpower.

Why this keynote is a game-changer for associations and organizations:

  • Leader-Led Revolution: Tailored for the visionaries at the top, this is about steering your team’s AI journey with confidence and competence.
  • Strategy Over Software: Move past the download-and-install mindset. Learn the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of choosing AI tools that will redefine your team’s work.
  • A Framework for the Future: Discover the UPGRADE methodology—a seven-step approach to turn AI investment into organizational triumph.

Let’s redefine leadership in the digital age. Ready to lead an AI-powered team that thrives on innovation and efficiency? Dive into strategy, embrace skill-building, and prepare to be the leader your company needs right now.

Steering towards an AI-powered tomorrow

In the rush to join the AI revolution, remember: apps don’t lead; leaders do. “Upgrade Your Teams: Build an AI-Empowered Organization” cuts through the noise and gets straight to what matters—how you, as a leader, can harness AI’s power to propel your team forward.

Unpack the UPGRADE Framework: Forget about jargon-heavy lectures. Here, we break down AI adoption into practical, actionable steps with the UPGRADE Framework. It’s your blueprint for success, from sparking the initial idea to embedding AI into your organizational culture.

Empowerment, Not Just Implementation: With the lion’s share of executives banking on AI for growth, this keynote goes beyond implementation. It’s about instilling a mindset of continuous innovation and learning—equipping you with strategies to lead a team that’s adaptable, AI-fluent, and unstoppable.

Drive AI Transformation

Understand how AI is changing the game and how you can lead your team to victory in this new arena.

Architect AI Strategies

Gain insights into the essential strategies that will ensure AI becomes a seamless part of your operations.

Cultivate Innovation and Efficiency

Learn how to leverage AI to ignite your team's creativity and turbocharge productivity.

Unleash Your Teams Full Potential

Embark with a toolkit that empowers your team to use AI not just competently but strategically for sustained growth and market leadership.

The era of AI doesn’t just need adopters—it needs trailblazers. Be the leader who doesn’t just follow the AI trend but defines it. Start your team’s UPGRADE today, and unlock the full potential of AI in your organization.

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Absolutely fantastic! The best speaker we have had for four years; the value will be immense even if we only implement 10% of what she showed us today.

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