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Kissing Customers for Love and Money

Innovate and improve your service and sales to make hearts go pitter-patter

The Client Connection Revelation: Win Hearts and Open Wallets

Transform With Strategy, Not Just Technology

Ready to make your customers fall head over heels with every purchase? Against the backdrop of fierce competition, “Kissing Customers for Love & Money” is the masterclass in customer enchantment. Julie’s strategies, powered by AI, are set to make your brand the beloved hero in every client’s story.

Perfect for teams yearning to transform into customer-admiring creatives, this program reveals how to make your customer service and sales so impactful, clients can’t help but come back for more.

Why this keynote is a must-have for your brand:

  • Deep Connections for Distinct Advantage: Forge bonds with your clients that go beyond transactions, making your business the go-to refuge for quality and care.
  • Creative Service Superstars: Turn each client interaction into a moment of brand brilliance with AI-powered innovation.
  • Map to the Heart: Unlock the secrets of Julie’s Customer Journey Map™ for insights into a tailored, unforgettable customer experience.
  • Brand Champions Cultivation: Inspire a legion of loyal clients who do more than buy—they become your most vocal advocates.

Embrace the transformation that lifts your service game to new heights, making your customers’ hearts skip a beat with every encounter. Are you ready to be the brand that’s loved as much for its heart as for its savvy?

Crafting Memorable Moments that Matter

In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to simply satisfy customers—you need to dazzle them. “Kissing Customers for Love & Money” brings the art of customer adoration front and center, infusing AI’s precision and personalization into a strategy that transforms client relations from routine to remarkable.

Revolutionize Relationships with Unforgettable Innovations: Learn how to rekindle the spark with existing clients while drawing new admirers to your brand. Julie’s insights will guide you in weaving innovation and emotive storytelling into the fabric of your client interactions, turning each touchpoint into an opportunity for enchantment and engagement.

Exclusive Access to Julie’s Customer Journey Map™: Embark on a voyage across the customer journey with a compass in hand—Julie’s Customer Journey Map™. This coveted tool, used by elite businesses, will illuminate the path to crafting personalized experiences that resonate deeply with clients’ desires and needs.

Key Takeaways: Your Blueprint to Customer Bliss

Master the Customer Journey Map™

Navigate the nuances of your customer journey, finding and fixing pain points for star-studded service and an enviable reputation.

Spot Your KISS Opportunities

Discover ways to make every customer feel treasured, not just treated, nurturing an unwavering loyalty to your brand. And don't worry, AI can help!

Seize Upsell and Upserve Moments

Elevate your bottom line by enhancing value for clients, making it a no-brainer for them to choose you, every time.

Ace the Referral Game

With intuitive timing and genuine relationships, transform clients into a powerful referral engine, driving growth and success in remarkable ways.

Are you prepared to be the brand that sets hearts aflutter and redefines customer loyalty? Step into the world of “Kissing Customers for Love & Money” and watch as your clients become not just buyers, but passionate patrons of your brand’s love story. Let’s embark on this journey of transformation, where AI meets EQ, and every service moment becomes a stepping stone to lasting love and lucrative growth.

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Absolutely fantastic! The best speaker we have had for four years; the value will be immense even if we only implement 10% of what she showed us today.

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