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Get Your AI Shift Together

Defining Your AI Strategy Playbook

AI is transforming virtually every organization but only 4% currently have an AI playbook

Where is your AI playbook?

Define Your Players, Perfect Your Plays, Own the Game with AI

In a world where 94% of leaders recognize AI’s disruptive force, your mastery of AI strategy is what will set you apart. “Get Your AI Shift Together: Define and Deliver Your AI Strategy Playbook” is crafted for the trailblazers who are willing to pivot from spectators to strategists in the AI arena.

Ideal for associations and organizations aiming to equip their leaders with a tangible roadmap, this keynote pairs Julie Holmes’ tactical expertise with an actionable toolkit that ensures you’re not just aware of AI’s impact but ready to leverage it to your competitive advantage.

Why this keynote is essential for your leadership team:

  • Tailored Tactics for Every Leader: Whether you’re just starting or refining your approach, find your footing with a playbook designed for your organization’s unique goals.
  • Practical Pathways to AI Excellence: Sidestep the fluff and dive into strategies that demystify AI and deliver concrete business outcomes.
  • Quantifiable Transformation with AI: Leverage our exclusive assessment to gauge your team’s readiness and build a data-driven strategy that’s both visionary and viable.

With “The AI Strategy Playbook” at the core, Julie Holmes guides you in making that leap from AI concept to AI command. Ready to assemble your team and score big with AI? Let’s get your playbook ready to go!

Crafting Your AI Game Plan

In this high-stakes era, where AI is as critical as any business asset, the divide between knowing and doing is vast—and perilous. Julie Holmes’ keynote, “Get Your AI Shift Together,” bridges this divide, presenting a disciplined approach to forming and following your AI playbook.

Unpack the Winning Plays: This keynote does more than share knowledge—it delivers a framework. Drawing on principles from the seminal “The AI Strategy Playbook,” Julie reveals how to translate AI‘s complexity into a series of smart, strategic plays that align with your vision and operational imperatives.

Transform Your AI Tactics into Operational Success: With Julie’s seasoned insights, learn to navigate around common AI adoption hurdles and ethical conundrums, ensuring your moves are both intelligent and responsible. She arms you with an approach that brings clarity to the chaos, enabling you to deploy AI across departments with precision and purpose.

Key Takeaways: Your AI Strategy Playbook

Strategic AI Design

Discover the art of personalizing your AI playbook to reflect your organization's unique mission and market stance.

Tactical AI Implementation

Grasp practical steps for enacting your AI strategy, optimizing adoption across your enterprise.

AI Readiness and Responsiveness

Capitalize on the AI Strategic Readiness Assessment to measure and elevate your team's AI maturity with pinpoint accuracy.

Operational AI Execution

Walk away empowered with Julie Holmes' expert tools, ready to turn your strategic AI vision into a dynamic, company-wide reality.

It’s time to stop playing catch-up and start leading the AI revolution in your fields. “Get Your AI Shift Together: Define and Deliver Your AI Strategy Playbook” isn’t just a keynote—it’s your chance to take the reins of AI and drive transformative change. With the playbook in one hand and the assessment in the other, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Are you ready to play?
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We were fortunate enough to engage Julie to deliver a workshop for our senior leadership team annual conference recently and it was an experience none of us will forget! Julie's energy and enthusiasm is infectious coupled with an incredibly broad depth of knowledge, skills and experience made the session fly by leaving our team inspired and motivated to improve with some fabulous actionable improvements we have already started to make.

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