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Professional. Reliable. Easy to Work With.

You’ve got a million things to worry about as the event organizer. Your speaker shouldn’t be one of them!

Your days of being frustrated by diva-like speakers that are full of demands or that see you and your event as “just another” group are over!

Julie has NEVER cancelled a presentation – virtual or live. From inquiry to booking to delivery and follow-up, Julie and her team are dedicated to making your experience easy and painless. The focus is always on helping you make your event a raving success.

And let’s not forget your audience – after all, they’re the real stars of the show! That’s why Julie makes time to:
♥ Meet and great your VIPs 
♥ Linger and chat with participants at the end of virtual and live programs 
♥ Tailor bonus content so your attendees can extend their learning and conference experience 

In short, your success = her success. Enough said.

Wondering if Julie is a fit for you and your event?

As an event organizer, you know that the people and messages on the stage should be the most visible and memorable for your audience. Is Julie right for you? Here’s a list to help you decide. Hover over each card to learn more!

Real Expert. Real Experience.

Don’t let her youthful appearance fool you! With 25+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial innovation experience, Julie has walked her talk. Audiences appreciate her experience and real-world stories.

Lasting Impact. No Boring Lectures.

Catchy phrases, great visuals and clearly applicable lessons make Julie’s messages Tweet-worthy, Instagram-y and incredibly sticky (in a good way).

Rich and Spicy Uncanned Content.

Tech and Innovation is hot and Julie sets it on fire! Her content is creative, well researched and answers the challenges that businesses are facing right now.

Skip The Nap. Sit Up, Lean In Experience.

Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, when Julie walks on stage or appears on a virtual program, the audience sits up to listen. She is a force to be reckoned with!

Messages that Sink In and Entertain.

You want an entertaining speaker so people will enjoy your event and the messages actually sink in.

Actionable. Practical. Immediately Useful.

Julie does more than challenge the audience to think bigger about technology, innovation, leadership, and sales. She gives them valuable actions to take away and use right now.

100% No Diva Guarantee.

Running events can be stressful – your speakers shouldn’t be! You’ll love that Julie is professional, helpful, and focused on doing whatever it takes to make your event fabulous.

What Julie's Clients & Audiences Say...

Shawna Suckow, CMP, CSP
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She held our attention for a half-day session on innovation, and we didn't want it to end. She's a fantastic speaker, a fun storyteller, and an incredibly smart cookie! I heard participants describe her as 'amazing,' 'clever,' and 'fantastic.' I highly recommend Julie for any organization or audience looking for an injection of motivation, innovation, and laughs. She'll change the way you think.
Lindsey Nelson, CMP
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Julie is a multi-talented individual who inspires people around her to listen carefully about her message and strategies for helping you to grow your business. She comes armed with thought provoking ideas and hands-on exercises to help you to navigate "clever ways to make money." Her strategy helps you to figure out what is holding your buyers and prospects back from choosing you.
Nora Burns
The Leadership Experts
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Wow. Julie delivers! Julie presented an incredible session for the National Speakers Association-Colorado Chapter in Spring of 2019. As Chapter President, I was THRILLED to witness participants lean forward in their chairs, scribble pages of notes, & rave about her content and delivery! Her strategy helps you to figure out what is holding your buyers and prospects back from choosing you.
Courtney Fields, DCMP
ADMEI Virtual Program
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I recently was able to listen to a webinar with Julie and honestly thought I was in person listening to a keynote. She is very energetic and engaging. All the tech tips and tricks she provided were on trend and up to date. She is a speaker I cannot wait to see again!
Shelli Vassar Gilliam, CMP, SEPC
MACE 2020
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Julie Holmes is an engaging and inspiring speaker. As the Opening Keynote Speaker for our group of meeting and event professionals, she brought such awesome energy and enthusiasm to the stage first thing in the morning. Julie was dynamite! I enjoyed her energy, storytelling, creativity, and the personal connection she made with the audience during her presentation - which kept our attention.
Beth Helberg
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Julie was the opening Keynote Speaker at our annual conference and brought a fresh perspective and new ideas to our group! Our participants shared feedback like “High energy, great presentation.” “I enjoyed her insights.” “Enjoyed it and hope that we might have another opportunity to work with her…” “Extremely entertaining and had good ideas!” As a conference organizer, I highly recommend Julie! She was great to work with throughout the process. She took the time to understand the group and our unique needs. A true professional that is fun to partner with! I hope that we will work together again - and soon!
Jason Sinclair
ADS Group Limited
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A great way to start the day with a bit of positivity and energy as well as giving us accountants something to think about!
Anthony Brown
Executive Leaders Network
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Wow, Julie owned that stage with her excellent story on customer value. One of the most engaging speakers we have had at the Executive Leaders Network and out C-suite delegation took a lot of value from the session. We look forward to hearing her again in Sept 2018 at the CxO Conference.
Vanessa Kent
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Highly engaging, incredibly useful. Thought provoking, engaging. Brilliant! Your talk was the most valuable thing I attended.
Sophie Bryan
Ordinarily Different Ltd
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Soooo refreshing - engaging and exciting. Very inspired RIGHT NOW! Engaging, energetic, different; Loved it! Thank you, Julie. I'm so fed up listening to "text book" business talks. This is GREAT!
Sean Cleary
Christ Church University
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Fun, engaging, over-the-top in a fun way! Bubbly, intelligent, passionate; Great session, mind opening
Jackie Jillings
Ernst & Young
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I was fully engaged from start to finish and found the session incredibly valuable. Thank you Julie!

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Approved Images

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Click on your preferred image and it will open full size in a new window. 

Looking for something a bit different (yes, Julie owns a cowboy hat), drop us a note and we’ll break out the camera just for you and your audience. 

Biography (Bio for Programs)

Julie and her team are happy to customize these bios to suit the theme and connect personally with the audience. Just let us know and we’ll make sure the message is a perfect fit.

Julie Holmes is an inventor, app developer, pragmatic technologist, and innovation expert, plus she’s way smarter than her smartphone. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise and small business technology, she’s a master of how-to TECH IT OFF YOUR LIST.

An award-winning speaker and tech strategist, Julie has guided tens of thousands of people in why, when, and how to leverage technology effectively. Her wicked smarts, extreme enthusiasm, and cheeky humor on (and off) stage spur audiences to not only sit up and listen but also to make notes, compare phones and take immediate action. 

As the founder/co-founder of two innovation companies, Julie has designed and delivered tech products that are helping businesses grow their brands in over 35 countries. 

Sure, she knows tons of cool apps and tech tools that make people and their organizations run faster, smarter, and better – heck, she’s even building a whole YouTube channel about that. But, she’s also keenly aware of how easy it is to get distracted by shiny new apps so that, before you know it, you’re buried in icons you don’t even recognize. Wouldn’t it be great to know what you really need to TECH YOUR BUSINESS UP A NOTCH without all the noise? 

From entrepreneurs just getting started to executives of multinational corporations, there’s brilliant, innovative tech that can help you achieve your goals. You just have to master when to TECH IT OR LEAVE IT. Julie shows you how.

Highly engaging, incredibly useful. Thought provoking, engaging. Brilliant! Julie's program was the most valuable session I attended.


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