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Becoming AI-Empowered

Embrace AI to sell smarter, serve better, and save time

Mind the AI gap

90% of leading businesses are investing in AI but only 14% of employees feel they have the skills to use it

The Future-Proof Session for Every Level of AI-readiness

Done with tech talks that talk over your head? Say hello to “Becoming AI-Empowered”—the keynote that gets down to earth with AI. We’re talking straight talk, real examples, and practical AI experiences that’ll turn everyone into doers, not just dreamers.

The “Becoming AI-Empowered” keynote is your golden ticket into AI, serving up fresh perspectives that both novices and experts can use right off the bat.

Why this keynote rocks for associations and organizations:

  • Mixed Audience Magic: Crafted for ears at all levels, from AI newbies to seasoned tech pros. Everyone leaves with nuggets of wisdom.
  • Think Different, Do Different: It’s not just about understanding AI—it’s about twisting it, turning it, and making it work for you in new, exciting ways.
  • Cool AI Show and Tell: Get ready for a live showcase of slick AI apps that you can start using today to kick your productivity and results up a notch.

A totally tailored AI keynote for your audience.

It’s no secret: almost every top-notch business out there is diving into AI to stay ahead of the game. But here’s the kicker: very few people actually feel ready to work with these new tools. In this program, Julie delivers four pillars that will transform the way you think about AI and how you’ll use it starting today.

Grasp AI's impact: Navigate tomorrow's business landscape

Dive into the heart of AI and understand how it can revolutionize the way you do business, from automating the mundane to redefining customer engagement. Embrace its potential while avoiding the pitfalls.

How to Select AI Tools: Your Enablers for Success

Understand how to Identify and pick the perfect AI tools tailored to your business needs, ensuring you're equipped to enhance performance at every level.

Master the AI Secret: A Model for Working Effectively with AI

Master the secrets of effectively working with AI technologies for a perfect blend of human insight and machine efficiency.

Ignite Your Potential: Transformative Tools for Your Work

Get inspired with a curated list of transformative AI tools that will revolutionize your work, save you time and deliver incredible outcomes.

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AI is the hot topic for associations and corporations.

Get your audience informed, excited and taking action


Excellent! Many talks give you the concepts but don't tell you clearly how to actually use them. Julie makes it applicable and actionable!

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