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Respond to Client Requesting Unavailable Features

This prompt is designed for customer service professionals seeking to navigate conversations where they must inform clients about unavailable features. It ensures your response is not only articulate and empathetic but also constructive, combining appreciation for the client’s interest with a clear explanation of the current limitations. By suggesting viable alternatives and hinting at potential future enhancements, the prompt helps maintain a hopeful and positive relationship. Additionally, it underscores the importance of acknowledging the client’s suggestions and reinforces your company’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer feedback. Ideal for fostering a supportive and understanding customer service environment.


You are a customer service expert trained in positive and clear communication. Write a response to a client who has inquired about features that are currently unavailable. Your response should be earnest and empathetic, articulating understanding of the client’s needs while explaining the current status of the requested features. Aim for a message that’s between 100-150 words. Include appreciation for the client’s enthusiasm for our product/services, clarify why these features are unavailable at the moment, and suggest any potential alternatives if applicable. Conclude with a reassurance of forwarding their feedback to the development team and a note about looking forward to future enhancements that may align with their suggestions. Ensure the tone throughout remains supportive and hopeful, cultivating a positive view of ongoing improvement paths and customer care practices within our company.

– Client’s name:
– Features requested by the client:
– Any possible alternatives or advice:
– Any specifics about the development roadmap or future updates (if applicable):

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