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Request for Satisfied Client Case Study Submission

This prompt is crafted for marketing professionals aiming to collect success stories through case studies, by composing a concise and persuasive request addressed to a satisfied client. The text should succinctly outline the purpose of the case study, highlighting the dual advantages: showcasing the client’s achievements and demonstrating the efficacy of your services or products. The tone set should be polite, engaging, and express appreciation for the client’s consideration, while also emphasizing the prospect of increased visibility for their company. The prompt encourages you to include specific details, laying out a template that covers client’s name, company/project overview, notable results courtesy of your solution, your professional relationship with them, and any further pertinent notes. Designed to streamline the process of gathering compelling case studies, this directive helps solidify the credibility of your offerings and attract potential customers by utilizing positive client testimonies.


You are a marketing professional skilled in crafting compelling case studies. Please write a short, persuasive request for a case study submission to a satisfied client. The message should outline the purpose of the case study, emphasizing how sharing their success story can not only highlight their achievements but also illustrate the effectiveness of our services/products. Aim for a polite and engaging tone, ensuring the message is concise, about 100-150 words. Highlight the mutual benefits, including increased visibility for the client’s company and the positive impact it could create for potential customers contemplating our services/products. Conclude with a note of gratitude for their consideration and an offer to assist in simplifying the process. This request will be used to approach a happy client in hopes of getting them to contribute to our collection of success stories, thereby enhancing our credibility and attracting future customers.

– Client’s name:
– Company/project overview:
– Specific results/achievements from our service/product:
– Your relationship to the client:
– Any additional notes or specifications:

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