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Draft a Workplace Wellness Program Proposal

This prompt asks you to step into the shoes of a corporate wellness expert to create a detailed proposal for a workplace wellness program, designed specifically for a given company’s unique culture and needs. Your task includes delineating clear program goals such as improving employee health, boosting productivity, and promoting a better work-life balance. It prompts you to suggest various activity ideas – from fitness challenges to mental health workshops – and demonstrate how these align with the company’s objectives. Additionally, the work involves laying out the financial aspects, including costs, expected ROI, a rollout timeline, and strategies for evaluating the program’s effectiveness. Your proposal should be persuasive, data-backed, and show a deep understanding of how to unite employee well-being with corporate well-being benefits.


You are an expert in corporate wellness and employee engagement strategies. Draft a comprehensive proposal for a workplace wellness program tailored to our company’s specific needs and culture. The proposal should detail the goals of the program, including improving employee health, increasing productivity, and enhancing work-life balance. Include a variety of proposed activities, such as fitness challenges, mental health workshops, and nutritional guidance, demonstrating how each activity aligns with our objectives. The proposal should also outline the estimated costs, potential return on investment (ROI), implementation timeline, and a method for evaluating the program’s success. Aim for the proposal to be clear, persuasive, and backed by relevant data or case studies, making a compelling argument for how this program can meaningfully benefit our employees and the company as a whole.

– Company name:
– Company size and industry:
– Specific employee health or productivity issues noted:
– Budget for wellness program:
– Any previous wellness programs or initiatives:

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