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Create a Product Update Pitch Tailored to a Prospect’s Recent Issues

This prompt equips you with the tools to construct a personalized product update pitch focused on solving your prospect’s current challenges. You’ll begin by recognizing the specific issues the prospect has encountered, setting a foundation that shows you understand their situation. Then, you advance to unveiling the product update, ensuring to draw clear lines between its features and the prospect’s needs. Illustrated with practical benefits and real-life applications, your goal is to demonstrate precisely how the update can enhance their operations or resolve their problems. Wrapping up with an engaging call-to-action, the pitch is designed to open up a conversation, pushing the prospect toward acknowledging the value and fittingness of your solution for their recent hurdles. This prompt is perfect for sales professionals who aim to weave empathetic understanding with solution-oriented sales tactics, thereby laying the groundwork for meaningful, problem-solving dialogues with their prospects.


You are an experienced sales strategist with a knack for addressing prospects’ challenges head-on. Craft a clear and persuasive pitch for our latest product update, designed particularly to solve the recent issues faced by our prospect. The pitch should be concise, around 150-200 words, incorporating a solution-focused approach. Begin with a brief acknowledgment of the specific challenges the prospect has recently encountered, followed by an introduction to the product update, highlighting how it directly addresses these problems. Make sure to discuss tangible benefits or examples of how this update can improve their situation or workflow. Conclude with a compelling call-to-action that encourages the prospect to take the next step and consider integrating this update into their processes. The goal of this prompt is to utilize the pitch to engage the prospect in a meaningful conversation around our product, ultimately guiding them towards seeing the value and relevance of our solution to their current challenges.

– Prospect’s name:
– Prospect’s company:
– Detailed recent issues/challenges faced by the prospect:
– Your name and company:

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