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Compose a Product Upsell Pitch for a Routine Check-In Call

This prompt directs you to craft a concise, persuasive upsell pitch for a routine check-in call. It ensures the pitch is not only natural and appropriate but also considers the customer’s history and feedback on previous purchases. Your challenge is to link the upsell product directly to the customer’s needs or problems, showing how this new offering is an invaluable addition to their existing purchase. Aimed at enhancing customer relations while boosting sales, this script encourages the inclusion of specific benefits, concludes with an engaging question or statement, and positions the upsell as both thoughtful and beneficial. Sales and marketing professionals will find this framework especially useful in making their interactions with customers more productive and rewarding.


You are a sales and marketing expert skilled in customer conversations and upselling techniques. Write a persuasive pitch for a product upsell to be used during a routine check-in call with a customer. The pitch should be tactful and embedded naturally into the conversation, demonstrating awareness of the customer’s current use and satisfaction with our product(s). Ensure the upsell offer aligns with the customer’s needs and preferences, potentially based on insights from their previous purchases or interactions. The pitch should not exceed 200 words, aiming to engage the customer’s interest without overwhelming them. Include how this additional product or service will bring value to them, backed by specific benefits or features. Conclude with an inviting question or statement that encourages the customer to ask questions or express interest in learning more about the offer. This script aims to enhance the customer experience, deepen their engagement with our brand, and increase sales in a way that feels natural and beneficial to the customer.

– Your name/company:
– Customer’s name:
– Original product/service purchased:
– Additional product/service for upsell:
– Key benefits/features of the upsell:
– Any previous feedback/complaints from the customer about current or past products:

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