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Consistently recognized as a TOP PRESENTER by audiences and meeting planners alike, Julie is an expert at making innovation and technology feel easy and exciting. Julie programs are UNIQUELY CRAFTED for your audience based on where they are now and the results you want to achieve.

★ Leaders who are more creative and encourage innovation ★

★ A sales team that embraces modern technology to connect more effectively with their prospects ★

★ Inspiration and information about how technology is changing the way we communicate in business ★

Julie has a program for that. And possibly an app…she usually has an app for that. 😉

Whether you’re looking for inspiration at a leadership summit or some tough love during a sales kickoff, or the perfect blend at an association conference, Julie will upgrade your event.

INNOVATION IN TIMES OF CHANGE: How to Rethink and Reframe Effectively When You Have to React Quickly

Delivery Options: Live Keynote • Virtual Keynote • Workshop (Webinar/Live Streaming)

Best for: C-Suite • Leaders • Entrepreneurs • Small Business Owners

In the blink of an eye everything changed. Your plans. Your forecasts. Out the window.
Cancellations, postponements and a dose of high-octane panic leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and uncertain about what’s next.

Business as usual is over. It’s time to get creative. Time to rethink, reframe and retool. And the good news is, you got this. All you need is some fresh thinking and innovation strategies and you’ll go from reactive to proactive.

In this quick response innovation program, we’ll walk through specific activities and approaches applied to YOUR BUSINESS. You’ll analyze and rethink your organization. You’ll take stock of your assets and relationships. You’ll discover opportunities. And you’ll walk away with a list of actionable ideas, next steps and a newfound sense of hope.

Plus, you’ll have a valuable set of tools to get you through these challenging times and whatever comes next.

Program Results

Tech to Connect: Building Meaningful (and Profitable) Relationships in a Screen Obsessed World

Delivery Options: Live Keynote • Virtual Keynote • Workshop (Webinar/Live Streaming)

Best for: C-Suite • Leaders • Sales • Marketing Entrepreneurs • Small Business Owners • Mixed

“Heads down” conversation is the new normal. From text messages to video voicemail, our ability to connect with others on a personal level is being challenged every single day by sheer distance. Our knee jerk reaction is to REJECT THE TECH and demand more real, in-person interactions. But what if our ability to communicate meaningfully with others isn’t degrading but is instead EVOLVING?

The way we interact with others – especially in business – is at a tipping point. We can either stay shackled to the old ways of doing business or embrace progress, meeting our colleagues and customers where they already are. By getting creating, being informed and embracing new technology, you’ll be more connected to the people you serve.

By the end of this session you will:

Pick your flavor (or ask Julie about making something special just for you!):

Tech to Connect for Sales

Frustrated with trying to reach prospects the old fashioned way? Or maybe you're great at connecting one on one but you're ready to scale. You need this!

Tech to Connect for Leaders

Remote teams, Zoom meetings and texting for business? To stay in front of the tech and lead with confidence in a changing world, click here!

Tech to Connect for Small Business

It's all on your shoulders. You have a lot to do and are overwhelmed with all the tech and choices. Julie has the answers & speaks your language!

Practical. Engaging. Relevant. Actionable.

"Knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining - what more could you want in a speaker? Julie spoke in Dublin recently and gave an absolutely brilliant talk. She was totally focused on what benefit she can bring to her audience vs just dishing out some 'standard presentation'. And she was generous with her time AFTER she had spoken! She is down to earth, practical and she is also great fun!"Barbara Moynihan, On Your Feet

KISSING CUSTOMERS FOR LOVE & MONEY: Innovate Your Customer Journey So Everyone Wins

Delivery Options: Live Keynote • Virtual Keynote • Workshop (Webinar/Live Streaming)

Best for: Sales • Marketing Entrepreneurs • Leaders • Mixed

How many of your customers are considering switching to your competition right now?

You know it’s expensive to replace a lost customer and that it damages your team’s moral every time it happens. But there’s an easy (and fun) way that you can keep more customers, make them happier and also empower your people to become creative service superstars.

By embracing innovation and systems thinking, you unleash an army of problem solvers and opportunity spotters. With Little Big Bangs for Service, you’ll be giving them the tools and skills to find powerful and profitable innovation opportunities in every interaction.

In this program, Julie will share with you the exact process that companies pay her big bucks to deliver for them. Using her Customer Journey Map™, you’ll get to know your customers’ experience in a whole new way and find the touchpoints, gaps, and opportunities that are just waiting to be addressed. You will be surprised at how easy (and inexpensive) it can be to transform your customer experience.

Your customers – and your bottom line – will love you for you it! Mwah!

Special Note: This program will be focused on mapping your prospect/customer journey however this same methodology can be used for ANY journey including hiring a new employee, onboarding a partner, exiting a customer, and more. 

Program Results:

THINK LIKE AN INVENTOR: Mindset and Motivation to Spot Opportunities, Take Initiative, & Embrace Change

Delivery Options: Live Keynote • Virtual Keynote • Workshop (Webinar/Live Streaming)

Best for: C-Suite • Leaders • Sales • Marketing Entrepreneurs • Small Business Owners • Mixed

“It’s not my problem.” “It’s not my job.” “I wouldn’t know where to start.” “I can’t.” “I won’t.” “I quit.”

Imagine inventors saying these kinds of phrases. What if those inventors STOPPED thinking, creating and solving? Terrifying, right?!

But this is exactly what’s happening in YOUR teams, organization and maybe even in your own mind every single day. Whether it’s problem-solving around product development, improving customer service, a time-saving process that leads to better productivity or trying a different way to attract and retain employees –thinking like an inventor changes the game for all of these and so much more!

Finding opportunities to “invent” starts with just one little word and it ends with collaboration, teamwork and an attitude of ownership. Learn how you and your organization can turn the tables on your performance by simply knowing how to think like an inventor.

This highly motivational and inspiring keynote engages and enlightens while empowering your people with the kind of thinking that creates solutions (and an attitude) that is truly inspiring. We’re all inventors at heart; some of us just don’t know it yet!

Program Results:

Looking for Something Special?

You might be thinking, “This all looks great but, my audience is different. They need something unique when it comes to technology and innovation. If only Julie could deliver THAT!”

Good news! Julie creates custom programs regularly – from PREPARATION (like researching your industry’s latest trends and interviewing key audience members for their insights) to PRESENTATION (Interview an executive on stage? Yep. Show-off and celebrate cool tech that your organization wants people to use more? Absolutely.)

The sky is the limit! After all, Julie is here to HELP YOU UPGRADE YOUR EVENT.

Let’s talk about how to make that happen now.

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