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Suggest “Universal Truths” Based on My Content

This prompt is designed for thought leaders, authors, and speakers preparing to write a non-fiction book or construct a keynote presentation. It assists you in defining a captivating, universal truth or “Big Idea” that serves as the backbone of your entire work. By focusing on what you uniquely want your audience to understand, do, or change after interacting with your book or presentation, this prompt encourages deep thinking about the one central theme, unconventional wisdom, or surprising twist that sets your message apart. It guides you in structuring your content around a transformative idea that resonates deeply, ensuring your material is unforgettable and impactful. Further, by requiring details about your main topic, audience, objectives, core messages, unique perspectives, and potential audience challenges, it ensures the suggested Big Ideas are tailored precisely to your project’s needs.




There is a best practice structure for thought leaders crafting non-fiction books and keynote presentations that you’re the expert on. It involves having a universal truth or Big Idea that connects all the chapters of the book together. To find a universal truth or Big Idea, you would consider things like:
* What is the 1 thing I want my audience to do when they are done?
* What is the 1 central theme of my entire work?
* What is the big piece of unconventional wisdom I am sharing with the audience?
* What is a true, but surprising twist on the content?

Based on the content structure/outline I share below, can you suggest 5 Big Ideas for me?
A great universal truth or Big Idea might use the following structure:
A) The most successful [type of person] [do something] even when [challenge or potential block] OR
B) Everyone knows [universal truth], but what most people don’t know is [unconventional truth] OR
C) Everyone knows [universal truth], but what most people don’t know is that the secret to [universal truth] is [unconventional truth]
It should be the kind of sentence that people in the audience would say, “I never thought about it like that but, yes, that’s absolutely true.”

For example, the universal truth or Big Idea for the book *Take the Stairs* by Rory Vaden is “The most productive people do what needs to be done even when they don’t want to do it.” Everyone knows that being productive requires people to get things done but the twist is that the MOST productive people do things even when they don’t want to. This can be expanded upon at length in a book or a keynote or a training class by explaining HOW they do that. To help you suggest the most fitting Big Ideas, please provide the following information:

– Summary of your book’s main topic or focus:
– Target audience for your book/keynote:
– Main objectives you want to achieve with this book:
– Core messages or lessons you aim to convey:
– Unique perspectives or unconventional insights that differentiate your approach to the topic:
– Potential challenges your audience might face related to your content:

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