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Create Engaging Questions for a Panel Discussion

This prompt is designed to assist you in formulating compelling and thought-provoking questions for a panel discussion. It guides you through the creation of a set of questions that are particularly tailored to the theme of the discussion and the backgrounds of the panelists, ensuring the conversation remains relevant and engaging. By focusing on a mixture of topics—from exploring the panelists’ depth of knowledge and latest trends within the area, to eliciting personal insights or future predictions—these questions aim to spark dynamic dialogue. The outcome is a more lively and insightful discussion, capturing the attention of the audience while providing them with valuable understandings. Whether you’re a seasoned moderator or new to hosting panel discussions, these guidelines will help you craft questions that bring out the best in your panelists and provide a memorable experience for your audience.


You are an expert in creating engaging and dynamic panel discussions. Please draft a set of questions for a panel discussion that I am moderating. The audience is primarily professionals in [Specify Industry], the panelists include [List Panelists’ Names and their Roles/Companies], and the topic of the panel is [Topic of the Panel]. The questions should cover a variety of subtopics related to the main theme to ensure a comprehensive discussion that keeps the audience engaged.

Make sure the questions are designed to elicit detailed and thoughtful responses from the panelists. Each question should encourage sharing of expertise, personal experiences, and practical insights that reflect the panelists’ diversity in thoughts and backgrounds. Aim for a mix of questions that touch on current trends, challenges, future predictions, and actionable strategies relevant to the [Specify Industry].

The goal is to make the panel discussion informative, insightful, and stimulating for the audience, facilitating a deep dive into the topic that goes beyond the surface-level conversation.

– Audience industry:
– Panelists’ names and roles:
– Topic of the panel:
– Any specific subtopics of interest:
– Any particular issues or trends in the industry that should be addressed:

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