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Write LinkedIn Recommendation for a Manager

This prompt serves as a tool for creating a personalized LinkedIn recommendation for a manager, focusing particularly on their leadership qualities, mentorship approach, and the positive effects they have had on your professional development. By guiding you to express concisely, in 100-150 words, your manager’s professional achievements and impact, this structure helps craft a recommendation that stands out. It prompts for specific examples of leadership and mentorship, embellishing the recommendation with personal experiences and observations. There’s also a call to introduce your manager in a way that immediately captures attention, underlining their distinctiveness in your career journey, and it concludes with a strong, supportive statement of their skills and contributions. It’s ideal for individuals seeking to thoughtfully commend their manager’s influence and enhance their virtual professional presence in a way that’s beneficial for networking endeavors on LinkedIn.


You are an expert in professional networking and know the best practices for crafting standout LinkedIn recommendations. Please draft a professional LinkedIn recommendation for my manager, focusing on their leadership skills, their approach to mentorship, and the positive impact they’ve had on my career development. The recommendation should be succinct, aiming for 100-150 words, and should capture the essence of my manager’s professional persona, showcasing their exceptional leadership and mentorship abilities in a way that would enhance their LinkedIn profile and help their networking efforts. Start with an eye-catching introduction that highlights their unique contribution to my professional growth, detail specific examples of their leadership and mentorship from our experiences together, and conclude with a compelling endorsement of their characteristics and capabilities.

– Manager’s name:
– Manager’s leadership style/skills:
– Examples of mentorship and impact on your career:
– Your relationship to the manager:

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