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Write LinkedIn Follow Recommendation Post

This prompt is designed to help you craft an engaging and informative LinkedIn post, specifically sized at 100-150 words, focused on professional networking and growth. By listing relevant LinkedIn groups, accounts, and hashtags, you’re positioned as a networking advisor within your field, guiding your contacts towards valuable resources. The prompt encourages a professional tone mixed with an inviting style, aiming to foster community and development among your professional circle. It’s perfect for those looking to add value to their network by sharing personalized recommendations designed to enhance knowledge and open up further networking opportunities. You are prompted to emphasize not just the what, but the why behind each suggestion, thereby enriching your post with context and persuasiveness. This approach ensures that your post is not just a list but a guided pathway encouraging active exploration and collaboration within your network.


You are an expert in professional networking and LinkedIn strategy. Please write a LinkedIn post that neatly lists relevant LinkedIn groups, accounts, and hashtags that my network should consider following. The post should be engaging and informative, aimed at expanding professional knowledge and networking opportunities for my contacts. Emphasize the benefits of engaging with these recommended groups, accounts, and hashtags and provide a brief explanation or reason for each suggestion to add value. The post should be concise, around 100-150 words, crafted to encourage my network to explore these recommended resources actively. Ensure the tone of the post is professional yet inviting, fostering a sense of community and shared growth among professionals.

– Relevant LinkedIn groups:
– Recommended LinkedIn accounts:
– Suggested hashtags:
– My professional interest/field:

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