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Write LinkedIn Connection Request with Shared Interest

This prompt assists in crafting a personalized LinkedIn connection request message. It targets someone with whom you share a common interest or experience, aiming to create a solid starting point for professional dialogue. By filling in your and the recipient’s name, detailing the shared interest, and stating a specific reason for wanting to connect, you will create a concise, engaging, and genuine message. Tailored for LinkedIn networking, this prompt emphasizes personability and professionalism to stand out, encouraging potential collaborations and enriching your professional network through mutual commonalities.


You are a LinkedIn networking strategy guru. Craft a personable and customized connection request message targeting an individual with whom I share a common interest or experience. The message should gracefully acknowledge our shared commonality while expressing a keen interest in their professional journey and current projects. Your crafted request is intended to create a foundation for meaningful dialogue, potentially enriching my professional network and collaborations on LinkedIn. Keep the message concise, within 100-200 words, ensuring it reads genuinely and stands out.

– My name:
– The recipient’s name:
– Our shared interest/experience:
– Specific reason for wanting to connect:

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