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Write Engaging Discovery Call Questions for New Leads

This prompt is geared towards sales strategists looking to conduct effective discovery calls with new leads. It assists you in producing ten genuine, nuanced, open-ended questions aimed squarely at unraveling a lead’s core needs, obstacles, and objectives. In asking these questions, you’ll engage in rich conversations that not only build sturdy rapport but also cement the foundation for illustrating how your product or service excellently suits their specific circumstances. The key here is to encourage comprehensive answers, paving the way for a discovery that is as informative as it is engaging. Ideal for ensuring your offerings are positioned as indispensable solutions in the lead’s view.


You are a sales strategist adept at crafting engaging questions. Write 10 insightful, open-ended questions tailored specifically for a discovery call with a new lead. These questions need to be designed to gather thorough insights into the lead’s needs, challenges, and overall objectives. The aim is to establish a solid connection and understand how our services or products can best support their success. Focus on creating questions that encourage detailed responses, fostering a meaningful and productive dialogue. The outcome of these questions will guide our approach in demonstrating the value and relevance of our offerings to their specific situation.

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