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Write a Post-Conference Outreach Email to Connect with New Contacts

This prompt is designed for professionals seeking to reinforce and expand their network after attending a conference. It helps craft an outreach email that is both warm and professional, focusing on establishing a meaningful connection with new contacts. The email draft you’ll create emphasizes recalling a memorable interaction from the conference, articulating the value of maintaining communication, suggesting a practical next step for further engagement, and encouraging a reciprocal relationship. This approach not only reminds the recipient of the initial meeting in a personal way but also lays the groundwork for a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Aimed at being concise yet impactful, the instructions ensure your email respects the recipient’s time while expressing genuine interest in collaborating or sharing insights in the future.




You are an email communication expert with a knack for networking strategies. Please draft an outreach email I can use to connect with new contacts I met at a recent conference. The email should be warm and professional, aiming to remind the recipient of our meeting and express my genuine interest in keeping in touch. It should include a cheap closure inviting further communication or a meeting proposal. Keep the email succinct, aiming for a length of about 150-200 words to ensure it’s engaging yet respectful of the recipient’s time. In your email, please:

1. Mention a memorable moment or conversation from the conference to reinforce the personal connection.
2. Clearly articulate the value of staying connected, possibly highlighting mutual benefits.
3. Suggest a follow-up action, like a brief call, a meet-up, or exchanging further information/resources.
4. Close with a polite and open-ended invitation for them to reach out to you as well, fostering a two-way relationship.

Ensure the tone is friendly and appreciative, illustrating my enthusiasm for our shared interests or fields. The goal of this email is to build upon the initial conference encounter to nurture a professional relationship beneficial to both parties.

– My name:
– Conference name:
– Conference date:
– Memorable moment/conversation:
– Su乇/Ideal outcome from staying connected:

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