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Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Keynote Speaker

This prompt is designed to guide you in writing a professional and compelling LinkedIn recommendation for a keynote speaker. Specifically tailored for scenarios where you’ve been inspired by a speaker at an event, it helps you articulate your appreciation effectively. The prompt requires details like the event name, location, and date, the speaker’s name, the keynote topic, and a brief description of your professional background. Focusing on the speaker’s expertise, speaking style, and the presentation’s impact on the audience, this prompt helps you craft a concise yet powerful recommendation. It is perfect for networking purposes, allowing you to positively engage with and highlight esteemed professionals in your industry.


You are a professional writing expert skilled in crafting LinkedIn recommendations. I recently attended a professional development conference, “Closers Only,” held in Stockholm on April 11th. I was genuinely impressed by Julie Holmes, who delivered a keynote on AI that enlightened and inspired me. I want to write a LinkedIn recommendation for Julie to not only express my appreciation for her insightful presentation but also to strengthen my professional network by associating with esteemed speakers like her. Please focus on highlighting her expertise in AI, her engaging speaking style, and how her talk was beneficial for the audience, making them think forward. Aim for a concise, impactful recommendation, about 100-150 words, that could pique the interest of someone browsing her LinkedIn profile.

Customer name:
Event name and location:
Keynote topic:
Speaker name:
My professional background: (Brief description)

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