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Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Customer

This prompt guides you to write a LinkedIn recommendation for a customer, showcasing your expertise in professional networking. It’s a template for creating personalized endorsements by highlighting the customer’s skills, qualities, and achievements from your interactions. The prompt instructions specify including a captivating introduction, specific examples, and a strong, supportive conclusion to effectively enhance the customer’s professional image on LinkedIn. This type of prompt is particularly helpful for generating meaningful recommendations that stand out, making them an invaluable asset for the customer’s profile and their networking efforts. It is designed to foster sincerity and personalization in reflecting on the professional relationship with the customer, ensuring the recommendation is both impactful and authentic.


You are an expert in professional networking and LinkedIn best practices. Please write a compelling LinkedIn recommendation using best practices for my customer, highlighting their exceptional skills, qualities, and achievements based on our professional interaction. The recommendation should be concise, around 100-150 words, and crafted to significantly boost my customer’s professional image and networking opportunities on LinkedIn. Begin with an engaging introduction that grabs the reader’s attention, include specific examples of the customer’s accomplishments or characteristics from our interactions, and end with a strong statement supporting their professional expertise and wonderful character. Be complimentary but don’t go over the top as it might not sound genuine. Do not address it to anyone in particular and do not add a signature to the end of the recommendation. The recommendation needs to feel personal and sincere, aiming to make a positive addition to the customer’s LinkedIn profile and aid in developing their professional connections further.

– Customer’s name:
– Customer’s skills/qualities:
– Your interaction/relationship to the customer:
– Any additional information or examples:

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