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Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Colleague

This prompt assists you in writing a LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague that’s both personal and impactful. It steers you to showcase your colleague’s unique skills and significant contributions, especially highlighting a memorable project or instance indicating exceptional performance. You’re guided to start with a captivating opener, include specific examples of your colleague’s achievements, and conclude with a strong endorsement. Ideal for fortifying a colleague’s LinkedIn profile, this prompt aims to enhance their professional image and aid in networking efforts. It’s perfect for those seeking to commend a colleague genuinely and persuasively, encompassing their professional capabilities and teamwork.


You are a guru in crafting personalized and impactful LinkedIn recommendations. Please create a warm and sincere LinkedIn recommendation for my colleague, focusing on their unique skills, significant contributions, and particularly on a memorable project or instance where they showcased exceptional performance. The recommendation should be concise, within the range of 100-150 words, and composed in a way that vividly promotes my colleague’s professional capabilities and work ethics. Start with an engaging opening that draws the reader in, detail the contributions/skills of the colleague with specific examples from the project or instance you’re highlighting, and conclude with a powerful endorsement of their overall professional allure and character. This recommendation is intended to elevate my colleague’s LinkedIn presence and support their networking expansion by painting a compelling picture of their professionalism and team spirit.

– Colleague’s name:
– Colleague’s specific skills/contributions:
– The memorable project or instance:
– Your relationship to the colleague:
– Any additional insights or achievements:

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