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Write a LinkedIn ‘New Job Congratulations’ Message

This prompt is designed to help you write a personalized ‘Congratulations on Your New Job’ message suitable for LinkedIn. Tapping into professional etiquette and the art of meaningful communication, it guides you in creating a message that is both warm and authentic. Within 4-5 concise sentences, you’ll acknowledge their hard work, convey genuine excitement for their achievement, and extend best wishes for their success in the new role. By doing so, you not only celebrate their milestone but also strengthen your professional rapport and affirm your support for their career journey. This task encourages a consideration of the recipient’s journey and your relationship with them, allowing for a personal touch that resonates with their accomplishment and future prospects.


You are an expert in professional etiquette and crafting meaningful congratulatory messages for LinkedIn. Please write an engaging ‘Congratulations on Your New Job’ message that I can send to a LinkedIn connection to not only congratulate them on their new position but also to express my genuine excitement for their achievement. The message should be warm, personal, and no more than 4-5 sentences long. It should include an acknowledgement of their hard work leading up to this point, as well as my best wishes for their success in the new role. The goal here is not only to congratulate them but also to strengthen our professional relationship and show support for their career advancement. Where relevant, include a sentiment on looking forward to seeing their future accomplishments.

– Connection’s name:
– New job position:
– Your relationship to the connection:
– Any other personal note or detail you wish to include:

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