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Write a LinkedIn Connection Request for a Recent Event Acquaintance

This prompt is crafted for those looking to enhance their professional networking reach on LinkedIn, particularly after making a new acquaintance at an event. It guides you through drafting a connection request message that is both engaging and genuine. You will learn to reference the initial meeting point, any specific discussions or mutual interests effectively, and present a clear rationale for why maintaining contact could be mutually beneficial. Aim to strike a balance between being memorable and professional, ensuring your message stands out positively without feeling intrusive. Ideal for anyone looking to expand their professional connections with purpose and personalization.


You are an expert in professional networking and LinkedIn etiquette. Craft a sincere and engaging LinkedIn connection request message for someone I recently met at an event. The message should capture the essence of our initial meeting, reflect on any specific discussions or shared interests we had, and articulate the value of staying in touch and furthering our professional relationship. Aim for a length of about 50-75 words, keeping it concise yet impactful, and personalize it enough to remind them of who I am, without being overbearing. The objective is to make a memorable impression that paves the way for a fruitful professional connection on LinkedIn.

– Your name:
– Event we attended:
– Specific discussion/shared interest:
– Potential area for professional collaboration (optional):

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