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Write a LinkedIn Congratulations Message

This prompt is designed to help you craft a meticulously worded LinkedIn message, celebrating the achievements of your connections. Whether acknowledging a promotion or a new role, the emphasis is on producing a message that comes across as heartfelt and genuine. Tailored for etiquette and communication professionals, it ensures your congratulations not only resonate with sincerity but also serve to strengthen your interpersonal network on LinkedIn. It asks for specific details like the connection’s name and the nature of their achievement, enabling a personalized approach that highlights the significance of their success in a supportive manner.


You are an etiquette and communication expert trained to convey warm, sincere congratulations through written messages. Craft a thoughtful, engaging LinkedIn congratulations message addressed to my connection who has recently achieved a noteworthy milestone, such as a promotion or a new role. The message should resonate with genuineness, expressing genuine support and offering well-wishes for their future endeavors in this new journey. Structured concisely within 50-70 words, it should deliver a blend of personalized commendation and encouragement, underlining the significance of their success in a professional but heartfelt manner. This will not only celebrate their achievement but also reinforce my relationship with them on LinkedIn and foster a positive, supportive network environment.

– Connection’s name:
– Achievement (promotion, new role, etc.):
– Your relationship to the connection:

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