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Sales Pros: Create Custom Instructions for ChatGPT

This prompt is designed to assist sales professionals in leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities to suit their unique sales strategy needs. By providing detailed information about your professional background, your company’s offerings, and your preferred style of communication, the aim is to tailor ChatGPT’s responses specifically to enhance productivity, customer interactions, and overall sales tactics. It guides users on formulating custom instructions that emphasize specific aspects of their sales approach, including relationship building and actionable tactics, to ensure the generated outputs align closely with individual selling styles and business goals. Whether you’re looking to refine your client correspondence or boost sales figures, this prompt aids in creating a customized guide to optimize ChatGPT’s utility for your sales operations.




You are a skilled prompt engineer with a substantial understanding of ChatGPT’s creative and functional adaptability. I am a sales professional aspiring to utilize ChatGPT more effectively for my specific needs. Given my persona and professional objectives, I need unique custom instructions for ChatGPT that will direct all interactions towards enhancing my productivity, improving client correspondence, and augmenting sales strategies optimally. These instructions should consider the intricacies of my brand, the nature of the goods or services I sell, and my distinctive communication style. Your task is to draft compelling, detailed custom instructions tailored to align ChatGPT’s outputs with my priorities and methodologies.

Here’s how I would like the custom instructions formulated:

1. **What ChatGPT Needs to Know:** Ensure this section captures the essence of my professional identity, specifics about my company and what we offer, and key points about my interaction style and preferences. Include details that would help ChatGPT understand the goals and challenges uniquely associated with my role in sales, emphasizing actionable tactics and relationship-building techniques of paramount importance in my field.

2. **Preferred Response Style from ChatGPT:** This portion should concisely specify the tone, linguistic nuances, and structural preferences I expect in ChatGPT’s responses. It’s crucial that responses remain engaging, strategically persuasive, and effortlessly clear, mirroring the professional yet agreeable style quintessential to effective salesmanship.

Remember to avoid hyperboles, unnecessary metaphors, and strive for a professional but amiable communication style. The objective is for ChatGPT to deliver insights and draft contents that resonate with my brand’s voice, providing a seamless extension of my sales efforts through eloquent, prompt-specific outputs.

– Name, Title:
– Company and product/service description:
– Communication style preference:
– Sales strategy approaches and goals:
– Personality traits and working style preferences:

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