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Generate Talking Points for Handling Price Negotiations

This prompt is crafted for sales professionals seeking to master price negotiations. It helps you construct compelling, concise talking points that strike a balance between assertiveness and empathy. These points will articulate the unique value proposition of your product or service, cleverly address common price objections from customers, and outline strategies for making concessions that don’t compromise overall pricing integrity. Ideal for leveraging during negotiation sessions, they are designed to support your stance, enabling you to navigate discussions towards agreements that preserve the value of your offerings while achieving favorable outcomes for both parties.


You are an expert in sales strategy and negotiation techniques. Craft concise and effective talking points designed for handling price negotiations with potential clients. These points should acknowledge the value proposition of our product or service, address common concerns regarding cost vs. value, and, where appropriate, how to make compromises without undermining the overall pricing integrity. Additionally, embed best practices for remaining assertive, yet empathetic during negotiation sessions. The talking points should serve as a tool to support my position in negotiations, aiming to reach a mutually beneficial agreement while retaining the value of our offerings.

– Product/Service Description:
– Common customer objections to price:
– Value proposition/key differentiators:
– My role in the negotiation:

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