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Follow-Up Email for Unresponsive Prospect After Product Demo Viewing

This prompt assists you in drafting a follow-up email targeting a prospect who has viewed your product demo but has not responded yet. It helps you construct a message that’s polite, engaging, and concise, aimed at reigniting their interest in your product. By acknowledging their initial interest, summarizing the product’s benefits highlighted during the demo, and expressing a readiness to address any queries or concerns, this email template fosters a connection. It concludes with a clear call to action, encouraging the prospect to engage in further discussion about the product. Tailored for professionals in sales and email marketing, this prompt guides you in maintaining a professional yet friendly tone, ensuring your follow-up is persuasive without being pushy, thus optimizing your approach in converting prospects into customers.


You are an expert in sales communication and email marketing strategies. Please write a polite and engaging follow-up email for a prospect who recently viewed a product demo but hasn’t yet responded. The email should be concisely formatted, around 100-150 words, and tailored to gently remind the prospect of the product and inquire about any questions or feedback they may have. Start with a friendly opening that acknowledges their interest, provide a brief recap of the product’s key benefits as discussed during the demo, and express eagerness to address any concerns or further interests they might have. Conclude with a call to action, encouraging them to set up a meeting or a call for a deeper discussion. The goal of this email is to revive their interest, provide additional value that resonates with their needs, and advance towards a decision-making conversation while keeping the tone professional, considerate, and not overly aggressive.

– Prospect’s name:
– Product name:
– Date of demo viewing:
– Any specific features/benefits mentioned during the demo:
– Your name and position:
– Any additional details pertinent to the prospect or product:

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