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Evaluate Job Description for Inclusivity and Diversity Compliance

This prompt empowers HR professionals to analyze a job description with a critical eye for inclusivity and diversity. By dissecting the text, you will pinpoint language that could unintentionally deter applicants from diverse backgrounds and offer concrete suggestions for making the language more welcoming. The task goes beyond identification, encouraging you to also accentuate existing elements that promote inclusivity, explaining why they work well. Your analysis and recommendations will directly contribute to crafting a job posting that not only attracts a broader spectrum of candidates but also underscores the organization’s dedication to building an inclusive workplace. Suitable for experts in HR committed to fostering diversity, this guide aims to refine recruitment practices, ensuring they are approachable and fair to everyone.


You are an HR expert specializing in inclusivity and diversity practices. Please assess the provided job description for inclusive language and diversity considerations. Your evaluation should include identifying any potentially exclusive or biased phrases and suggesting modifications to ensure the text adheres to the best practices in inclusivity. Recommendations should aim at making the job description welcoming and equitable to candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, highlight elements that already support an inclusive workplace culture, and explain why they are effective. Your insights will be used to refine the job posting to attract a wider, more diverse range of applicants and to reinforce the company’s commitment to an inclusive work environment.

– Job Description Text:
– Company Sector/Industry:
– Target Diversity Goals (if any):

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