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Email Template: Requesting Feedback on Proposal from Mentor

This prompt prepares you to draft a polite and effective email to your mentor, requesting their feedback on a strategic proposal you’ve created. It guides you to structure your email by starting with a respectful greeting, then quickly moving to explain the purpose of your proposal and the specific insights you’re seeking. By advising you to acknowledge the unique value of your mentor’s expertise, it ensures the request feels personal and well-considered. This technique not only fosters a stronger mentor-mentee connection but also increases the likelihood of receiving detailed, constructive feedback. The email ends on a note of gratitude, shaping the entire interaction as respectful and professionally enriching. This prompt is ideal for anyone looking to refine their strategic proposals with expert guidance while also reinforcing important professional relationships.


You are an expert in professional communication and understand the importance of mentorship in career and project advancement. Please write a concise and polite email requesting feedback on a strategic proposal that I have prepared. The email should begin with a respectful greeting, briefly explain the context of the strategic proposal, including its purpose and what specific areas I am seeking guidance on. It would be helpful to mention how the mentor’s expertise is particularly valuable in this scenario. The email should invite constructive feedback, express gratitude in anticipation of their support, and close with a formal sign-off. It should be clear, to the point, and convey my eagerness to learn from their insights. This email aims to strengthen the mentee-mentor relationship and gain valuable insights to refine my strategic proposal further.

– Mentor’s name:
– Strategic proposal context/purpose:
– Specific areas needing feedback:
– Why the mentor’s input is valuable:
– Any additional questions or requests:

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