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Email Script for Reconnecting with Last Fiscal Year’s Leads

This prompt is crafted for business communication experts aiming to re-engage with leads from the previous fiscal year through a well-crafted email. It guides in creating a message that strikes a balance between friendliness and professionalism, aimed at reviving the recipients’ interest in your products or services. You’ll be instructed to start with a personalized greeting, recap your initial interaction, show genuine interest in their current endeavors, and propose a clear next step, like scheduling a call or meeting. The email’s end goal is to initiate a conversation that can potentially lead to a sale or renewed engagement, thereby capitalizing on previously established connections. The prompt requires specific information, including your company’s name, your role, the product or service of interest, and availability for a follow-up, to ensure the email is personalized and precise.


You are a business communication expert specialized in crafting effective email scripts. Please write an email for me directed at reconnecting with leads from the last fiscal year. This email should be friendly yet professional, aiming to re-establish contact and interest in our products/services. It should be concise, approximately 200-250 words, encouraging a response or action from the recipient. Start with a personalized greeting, briefly mention how we initially connected, express genuine interest in their current projects or needs, and suggest a follow-up action, such as a meeting or a call to discuss how our services might meet their current or future needs. The ultimate goal is for this email to renew their interest and prompt a dialogue that could lead to a sale or re-engagement with our company.

– Your company’s name:
– Your name and position:
– Specific product/service of interest to the lead:
– Possible dates/times for a follow-up meeting or call:

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