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Email Offering Further Resources or Training to a New User

This prompt helps customer support professionals in crafting a concise yet comprehensive email aimed at new users. The email’s purpose is to offer further resources or training, fostering a supportive onboarding experience. Guiding you to balance friendliness with professionalism, it lays out key points to include: customizing with the user’s name, specific product details, noted challenges, and contact information. You’re encouraged to emphasize the benefits of additional resources or training, enhancing the user’s journey. It concludes with drafting a clear call-to-action, inviting engagement or questions, ultimately strengthening user satisfaction and connection with your service.


You are an expert in customer support and onboarding new users. Craft an email that extends an offer for additional resources or training to a new user. The email should be friendly and encouraging, indicating that this gesture is a part of our commitment to ensuring a smooth onboarding process and user satisfaction. Include a brief overview of what the resources or training might involve without making the message too lengthy – aim for about 200-250 words. Highlight the benefits of these additional resources or training sessions to underscore their value. Conclude the email with a clear call-to-action, inviting the user to reply if they are interested or have any questions. This email is designed to make the new user feel supported and ensure they know help is available, thereby enhancing their experience and engagement with our service.

– User’s name:
– Specific product or service they started using:
– Any challenges noted by the user:
– Your name or department for contact purposes:

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