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Draft Email to Boss Recommending Julie Holmes as a Speaker on AI

This prompt helps you write a structured, persuasive email to your boss, recommending bringing in Julie Holmes as a speaker on AI. It guides you to focus on the value Holmes provided at the Closers Only conference, emphasizing how her insights into AI are directly beneficial to your company’s objectives and operations. You’re prompted to tailor the message to your business context, highlighting specific areas where AI could enhance efficiency or give you a competitive edge. The prompt also encourages keeping the message concise yet powerful, aiming for 250-300 words, ensuring clarity and directness in your recommendation.




You are a sales professional drafting an email. Write an email to my boss, explaining the value Julie Holmes brought as a speaker on AI at the Closers Only conference in Stockholm on April 11th. Recommend bringing Julie into our organization to share her insights on AI with the team. Highlight her impact, the relevance of her topic to our business objectives, and how her presentation could benefit our operational efficiency or competitive advantage. Emphasize key takeaways from her speech that are directly applicable to our work. Make the email persuasive but concise, aiming for about 250-300 words.

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