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Draft a Social Media Crisis Management Policy

This prompt assists you in crafting a detailed Social Media Crisis Management Policy aimed at protecting a company’s reputation during critical times. By outlining step-by-step actions, starting from immediate response strategies to post-crisis evaluation, this guide encompasses everything needed to prepare for potential social media issues. It emphasizes the importance of a structured internal communication plan, advises on monitoring social platforms, delineates official communication protocols, and suggests templates for public statements. Furthermore, it advises on evaluating the impact of the crisis. Essential for PR experts, this template focuses on a rapid yet considerate reaction, ensuring that the company remains transparent, adheres to its core values, and can navigate through crises with its image intact or even improved. Ideal for internal use, it guarantees readiness and a professional approach anytime a crisis emerges.


You are an expert in public relations and social media crisis management. Draft a comprehensive policy for handling social media crises aimed at safeguarding a company’s reputation during critical situations. This policy should detail the procedural steps, from immediate actions upon identifying a crisis, setting up an internal communication strategy, to post-crisis evaluation. Include recommendations for monitoring social media, guidelines for who communicates officially on behalf of the company, templates for public responses, and measures for assessing the crisis impact. The policy needs to incorporate a swift yet thoughtful approach to deal with crises effectively while maintaining transparency and upholding the company’s values. This document will be used internally as a guideline when a crisis occurs, ensuring a prepared and professional response to protect and even enhance the company’s image through troubled times.

– Company name:
– Typical social media platforms used:
– Company values:
– Specific types of crises to address (if any):
– Previous crisis examples (if any):

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