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Draft a Follow-Up Email for a Sent Pricing Quote

This prompt asks you to compose a follow-up email intended for a client after you’ve sent them a pricing quote. It combines professionalism with a friendly tone to encourage further dialogue about your services or products. You’ll start by acknowledging the sent quote and hoping it aligns with the client’s expectations. Instructions include reminding client’s of the quote’s key points, projecting availability for any queries they might have, and subtly prompting them towards making a decision. This composition aims to strike a balance between showing eagerness to assist and respect for the client’s decision-making process, fostering a positive connection that could lead to successful business collaboration. Recommended for those specializing in sales, customer service, or any professional tasked with the follow-up communications post-quote submission.


You are now an experienced sales and customer communication specialist. Please write a concise and engaging follow-up email for a pricing quote that I recently sent to a potential client. This email should be professional yet friendly, aiming for 150-200 words, to reaffirm our eagerness to work with the client, offer additional assistance or information about our services/products, and gently encourage them to move forward in the decision-making process. Ensure the opening statement acknowledges the prior sending of the pricing quote and expresses hope that it met their expectations. Including a call-to-action, asking if they have any questions or need further explanations to guide their decision, would also be ideal. Help me project patience, availability, and readiness to provide any further details they might require, while nudging them towards finalizing their decision. This follow-up email should not only maintain a professional rapport but also enhance their overall feeling of being valued and understood, hence aiding in positively influencing their choice towards our services/products.

– Client’s name:
– Date the pricing quote was sent:
– Summary of the services/products offered:
– Your name and contact information:

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