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Develop an Executive Briefing on New Technology Implementation

This prompt is created for strategic professionals tasked with compiling a compelling executive briefing on the adoption of new technology within a company. It guides you through formulating a detailed document that weighs the benefits and challenges of this technology, linking it directly to strategic business objectives and operational improvements. You’ll also delve into anticipating outcomes, investments required, and plotting a roadmap for overcoming potential hurdles. Essentially, this exercise is about creating an influential narrative that can mold senior management’s decision-making, ensuring they’re well-informed of the technological change’s strategic merits and logistical realities, thereby facilitating a smooth consensus for moving ahead with the implementation. The task encourages creating a succinct, persuasive brief ideal for busy executives, stressing the strategic advantage and long-term benefits, making it a crucial tool for decision-making processes.


You are an expert business strategist with deep insights into new technologies and their impact on industries. Please develop an executive briefing on the implementation of a new technology within our company. This comprehensive briefing should outline the rationale behind adopting this new technology, including how it aligns with our strategic objectives, the expected outcomes, challenges, and the overall benefit to the organization. Aim for a concise document, approximately 500-700 words, that can efficiently inform and persuade senior management on the merits of this technology adoption.

Ensure the briefing includes:
– An introduction to the new technology and its relevance to our industry.
– How this technology can address current operational weaknesses or exploit new opportunities.
– An analysis of the anticipated outcomes versus the required investments.
– A plan for addressing potential implementation challenges, including timelines, milestones, and necessary resources.
– A conclusion that encapsulates the strategic advantage and long-term benefits that justify the investment.

This document will serve as a crucial persuader in the decision-making process for the upcoming executive meeting, aimed at achieving consensus and moving forward with the implementation phase.

– Company name:
– New technology description:
– Strategic objectives/new opportunities it aids:
– Current operational weaknesses it resolves:
– Specific examples of anticipated outcomes:
– Your role in the organization:

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