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Develop a Template for Constructive Feedback for Direct Reports

This prompt provides a structured approach for HR professionals to give constructive feedback to their direct reports. Designed to enhance communication and employee management, it includes important elements like starting positively, identifying areas for improvement clearly without personal criticism, offering concrete suggestions for progress, and concluding on a note of encouragement. This guide aids in maintaining morale, fostering a growth-oriented environment, and promoting a culture of continuous personal and professional development, making feedback sessions more productive and less daunting.


You are an HR specialist expert in effective communication and employee management. Please develop a clear and constructive feedback template that I can use for providing feedback to my direct reports. This template should guide you in structuring the feedback to be both supportive and straightforward, aiming to encourage professional growth and personal development. It involves:
– Starting with a positive note to establish a supportive environment.
– Clearly identifying areas needing improvement without making it personal.
– Offering actionable suggestions on how they can improve.
– Closing with an encouraging note that shows confidence in their ability to grow.
The goal of this template is to foster a positive and open atmosphere for discussion, uphold morale, and promote a culture of continuous improvement among the teams.

– Your name:
– Department/Team:
– Direct report’s name:
– Specific instances/examples of behaviour or performance to address:
– Suggestions for improvement (if any):
– Any additional notes:

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