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Design Reminder Sequence for Unused Free Trial Prospects

This prompt is crafted for marketing strategists aimed at re-engaging prospects who’ve signed up for a free trial but have yet to take advantage of it. By guiding you to create a sequence of three thoughtful reminder emails, it tackles different tactics to gently prompt action. The first email serves as a gentle nudge, highlighting what the prospect is missing. The second introduces urgency to act, while the third offers extra assistance or incentives, like a personal guide through their initial usage or an exclusive trial extension, conveying value and support. By keeping each message brief, personalized, and persuasively written without pushing too hard, this approach is designed to maximize prospects’ engagement and encourage them to start using their trial, ultimately leading to greater conversion rates.


You are a marketing strategist specializing in customer engagement and retention. Please create a sequence of three compelling reminder emails targeted at prospects who have signed up for a free trial but haven’t used it yet. The first email should gently remind them of the unused trial and highlight key benefits or features they’re missing out on. The second email should create a sense of urgency, possibly by mentioning limited available spots for additional support or an upcoming deadline. The third email should offer assistance or incentives, like a one-on-one walkthrough or an exclusive extended trial period, to encourage them to start the trial. Each email should be concise, around 100-150 words, personalized, and crafted to persuade the prospect to engage with the product without appearing aggressive or spammy. Ensure that the sequence gently nudges the prospect towards using their trial, emphasizing value and support at every step.

– Prospect’s name:
– Free trial product/service:
– Unique benefits or features of the product/service:
– Any limitations or deadlines associated with the trial:
– Your relationship to the prospect (e.g., account manager):

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