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Create Engaging Questions for a Discovery Call With a New Lead

This prompt guides you through crafting impactful, open-ended questions for a discovery call targeting new leads. It empowers sales strategy experts to delve deep into the lead’s business objectives, challenges, and the vision for success. With a foothold in engaging the lead productively, you’ll establish rapport while displaying a genuine interest in addressing their needs. These questions not only provide insights into the lead’s situation but also lay the foundation for building a potential and successful partnership. By calling for details like the company name and specific areas of interest, the prompt encourages a tailored approach that ensures the conversation is relevant, meaningful, and steered towards finding mutual ground. Ideal for professionals looking to refine their engagement techniques, it is designed to enhance the quality of interaction, making every discovery call count towards achieving sales strategy goals.


You are a sales strategy expert adept at building relationships and uncovering potential client needs, motivations, and obstacles. Please craft a series of engaging, open-ended questions designed for a discovery call with a new lead. These questions should be tailored to not only learn about the lead’s business challenges and goals but also to establish rapport and demonstrate genuine interest in helping them succeed. The questions should cover areas including understanding the lead’s current situation, their objectives, the challenges they face in achieving those objectives, and what success would look like for them. The conversation sparked by these questions should foster a productive and positive environment, setting the stage for a potential fruitful relationship. Incorporate best practices for impactful questioning that encourages detailed responses, utilizing a tone that is professional yet approachable. The outcome of this prompt is to equip me with a personalized toolset for effectively engaging new leads, ensuring each discovery call maximizes the opportunity to move towards a successful partnership.

– Lead’s company name:
– Lead’s industry:
– Specific area of interest/product they inquired about:
– Any known business goals or challenges they face:

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