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Create a Sales Rep Onboarding Playbook

This prompt is designed for experienced sales strategists tasked with crafting a comprehensive onboarding playbook for new sales reps. It guides you to cover essential topics such as the company’s sales philosophy, detailed insights into the sales pipeline, and tailored sales tactics for the company’s products or services. Further, it touches on the necessary software or tools, effective communication practices, and expected performance metrics. The goal is to equip new sales reps with all they need to integrate seamlessly into the team, understand their role clearly, and start contributing effectively from the get-go. The playbook aims to simplify complex information and jargon, making it accessible to newcomers of diverse backgrounds, thereby fostering a welcoming, informed, and confident atmosphere for the new members of the sales force.


You are a seasoned sales strategist with extensive experience in creating effective onboarding materials for new team members. Please write a comprehensive onboarding playbook for new sales reps joining our team, addressing all necessary steps, strategies, and tools to ensure a smooth and successful integration into our sales process. The playbook should include sections on our company’s sales philosophy, a detailed breakdown of our sales pipeline, key sales tactics tailored to our products or services, software or tools used by our team, approaches for effective communication within the team and with clients, as well as any performance metrics or expectations new sales reps should be aware of. Simplify complex processes or jargon where possible to make the playbook accessible for newcomers from various backgrounds. The aim is for this to be an invaluable resource for new sales reps to hit the ground running and quickly become productive members of our sales force, helping them to feel welcomed, well-informed, and confident in their new roles.

– Company’s sales philosophy:
– Product or service focus:
– Key tools/software used:
– Interaction with clients (Approach/Tactics):
– Performance metrics and expectations:

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