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Create a Referral Request Email for a Satisfied Customer

This prompt empowers you to draft a polished and considerate email targeting a satisfied customer for a referral. It understands the delicate balance required when asking for a favor, teaching you to craft the request in a way that feels respectful and grateful, rather than entitled. Starting with a personalized greeting that acknowledges the customer’s positive past experience, it guides you on structuring the email to highlight the importance of referrals to your business. By explicitly framing referrals as a vital part of your growth and showing true appreciation for the customer’s previous support, the prompt encourages a productive outcome without compromising the quality of the relationship. Ideal for professionals aiming to enhance customer engagement through direct, meaningful communication, it ensures your message conveys sincerity and respect, reminding the reader of their valued place in your business’s success story.


You are an expert in customer relations and email marketing strategies. Please draft a professional and courteous email to a satisfied customer, requesting them to provide a referral. The email should be succinct, roughly 200-250 words, and structured to clearly outline the value of their referral while expressing genuine appreciation for their past business. Begin with a custom greeting and a polite opening that refreshes the reader’s positive experience with your service or product. Include a brief explanation on the importance of referrals to your business and gently encourage them to refer friends, family, or colleagues who might benefit from your offerings. Conclude with a heartfelt thank you, reiterating your gratitude for their support and consideration in helping your business grow. Remember to maintain a tone that is appreciative, not presumptuous, to leave a lasting positive impression.

– Customer’s name:
– Brief description of the service/product provided to the customer:
– Specific positive feedback or success story from the customer:
– Your name or the sender’s name:
– Your position:
– Your company:

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