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Create a Progress Report Template for Upper Management

This prompt directs you in crafting a progress report template aimed at upper management. It ensures that you communicate the status of ongoing projects effectively, offering a comprehensive outline to cover project achievements, encountered challenges, and future strategies or recommendations. Keeping senior executives in mind, the template is designed for clarity, efficiency in decision-making processes, and inclusivity of essential metrics or KPIs to evaluate performance. It’s built to be adaptable, fitting a wide range of departments or projects, making it a vital tool for professional reporting and showcasing team efforts and advancement towards objectives. Through this template, you’re equipped to create reports that are not only informative but also catered specifically to support upper management in their oversight and strategic planning duties.


You are an expert in business communication and reporting techniques. Please create a progress report template designed specifically for upper management. This template should be structured to concisely convey the status of ongoing projects, highlighting achievements, identifying any challenges, and mapping out future plans or recommendations. The template needs to facilitate efficient comprehension and decision-making for senior executives. It should be professional, inclusive of key metrics or KPIs relevant to the projects, and capable of showcasing the team’s efforts and progress towards set goals. Ensure that the template is versatile enough to be adapted to various departments or project types within the organization.

– Project name:
– Reporting period:
– Objectives (brief description):
– Milestones achieved:
– Challenges encountered:
– Key performance indicators (KPIs):
– Next steps/future plans:
– Supporting data or documents (if any):
– Prepared by:
– Date of submission:

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