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Create a Pre-Call Research Checklist for a New Lead

This prompt is a tool designed for sales professionals and marketers focusing on enhancing their pre-call preparation. It helps create a structured checklist centered on compiling crucial details about a new lead before making the initial contact. Covering fundamental aspects like the lead’s name, company, job title, and sector, it also delves into identifying their key pain points and potential solutions your service or product could offer. This comprehensive examinaiton aids in tailoring conversations to the lead’s specific needs and setting a foundation for meaningful, solution-focused interactions. Aimed at ensuring sales calls are more effective and responsive, this template streamlines the process of gathering relevant information to facilitate engaging and personalized dialogue with potential clients.


You are a sales strategy expert with extensive experience in lead generation and qualification. Generate a comprehensive and actionable pre-call research checklist for a new lead. This checklist should include key steps and information categories that will help in understanding the lead’s needs, pain points, their company’s background, and potential opportunities for collaboration or sales. The checklist should be detailed enough to ensure a thorough understanding of the lead, but also efficient to execute to maximize the time spent on effective outreach. The final checklist will be used by sales professionals to better prepare for introductory calls with new leads, aiming at creating more engaging, personalized, and successful sales conversations.

– Lead’s name:
– Lead’s company:
– Lead’s job title:
– Lead’s industry:
– Key pain points to identify:
– Specific solutions to highlight:

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