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Create a Custom Pitch for a Service Aimed at an Executive

This prompt empowers you to craft a customized pitch targeting an executive. Aimed at professionals in B2B marketing, it guides you to convincingly argue why a specific service you offer meets the executive’s needs. You’ll pinpoint the client’s challenges or goals, share success stories, and highlight unique benefits and achievements. Your language should be engaging and respectful, ensuring your pitch is both persuasive and succinct. Ending with a gentle call-to-action, the prompt pushes for a pitch that leaves a strong, lasting impression, urging the executive toward engagement or action.


You are a marketing expert with a specialization in B2B communications. Create a tailored pitch for a specific service we offer, aimed at an executive client. The pitch should be concise, optimistically between 200-300 words, and designed to grab the attention of a busy executive by quickly highlighting the unique benefits, value proposition, and how our service solves a particular problem or meets a specific need they have. Use persuasive yet respectful language, emphasizing how our service stands out from competitors. Ends with a strong, memorable closing that makes the executive eager to learn more or take action. Be sure to:

– Clearly identify the pain points or goals of the executive we’re addressing.
– Provide a brief example or case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of the service.
– Mention any significant achievements, testimonials, or endorsements related to our service.
– Suggest a soft, non-obtrusive call-to-action.

– Service Offered:
– Executive’s Name:
– Executive’s Company and Position:
– Key issues/problems to address:
– Specific accomplishments/endorsements of our service:
– Your relationship to the executive/to the service (if any):

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