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Craft an Email to Reconnect with a Former Client

This prompt guides you in composing a thoughtful, professional email aimed at re-engaging a former client. The focus is on crafting a message that reflects genuine interest and care in what the client has been doing since your last collaboration. Beginning with a warm greeting and a reference to a past positive project or interaction, it sets a friendly tone. You are prompted to articulate the mutual benefits of rekindling the business relationship, encouraging a future conversation through a catch-up call or meeting. The prompt ensures that your email ends with an engaging call to action, inviting a response. The task is designed for professionals keen on maintaining and nurturing their business network by re-establishing contact with previous clients in a manner that is both inviting and considerate.


You are an expert in professional communication strategies. Draft an email aimed at re-establishing contact with a former client with whom we’ve lost touch. The email should be cordial and professional, approximately 200-250 words, with the intent of reviving our business relationship. Begin the email with a warm greeting, mentioning a past project or positive interaction to reignite a connection. Include at least one reason why reconnecting could be mutually beneficial, suggesting a brief catch-up call or meeting as a next step. Finish with a call to action, leaving the conversation open for a response. This email should reflect a genuine interest in the client’s current situation and a concern for what they’ve been up to since our last partnership, aiming to rekindle a productive business relationship.

– Former Client’s name:
– Your name and position:
– Company name:
– Previous project or interaction with the client:
– Reason for reconnecting now:
– Any new services/products that might interest the client:

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