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Compose Company Diversity and Inclusion Policy Update

This prompt is designed to help you create an impactful update on your company’s diversity and inclusion policy. Aimed at reinforcing your commitment to inclusivity, it guides you in drafting a document that not only outlines the current state of initiatives but also introduces any new or enhanced efforts towards building a more welcoming workplace. With a focus on clarity, brevity, and inspiration, the resulting policy should succinctly communicate actionable steps, goals for measuring success, and call for team member participation. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of the individual roles in promoting diversity, ensuring the update is both engaging and accessible for all employees. Tailored for HR professionals, leaders, or diversity officers looking to broadcast their organization’s strides in diversity and inclusion to the entire company, this prompt supports creating a collaborative and supportive work culture.


You are an expert in creating inclusive and effective workplace policies. Please draft a comprehensive update on our company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. This update should reflect our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, highlight any new or updated initiatives, spell out actionable steps we are taking, and how we plan to measure their effect. The policy update should be clear, succinct, and inspiring, with a word count around 200-300 words, to ensure it is engaging and accessible for all team members. It should also remind employees of their role in supporting these values and how they can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive workplace. This document will be distributed company-wide and is vital in emphasizing our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, aiming to encourage participation and feedback from all employees.
– Company name:
– Specific diversity and inclusion initiatives launched/updated:
– Metrics or goals for measuring success:
– Suggestions for how employees can contribute/support:

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