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Compose a Follow-Up LinkedIn Message to a Prospect After an Event Encounter

This prompt helps you draft a LinkedIn follow-up message for a prospect you met at an event, aiming to deepen the initial connection made. It ensures the message is concise, around 100-150 words, strikes a balance between professionalism and friendliness, and is not overly assertive to avoid discomfort. Beginning with a reference to the event and your interaction, the prompt guides you through expressing a keen interest in staying connected, proposing a timeline for a future meeting or call to explore professional opportunities or shared interests more closely, and wraps up with a polite farewell. Tailored for maintaining the momentum from networking events, it serves to fortify the introductory bond, potentially leading to a significant professional relationship. This setup requires specifics like the prospect’s name, event information, memorable aspects of your interaction, your professional ambition or mutual interest, and your name, ensuring the resulting message is highly personalized and relevant.


You are an expert in crafting persuasive and engaging LinkedIn messages. Please compose a follow-up message for me to send to a prospect after we had a brief encounter at an event. The message should be around 100-150 words, professional yet friendly, and designed to remind the prospect of our meeting without being too aggressive. It should open with a brief mention of the event and our interaction there, express genuine interest in keeping in touch, propose a potential follow-up meeting or call to discuss professional opportunities or shared interests further, and close with a courteous sign-off. The goal is to strengthen the initial connection made at the event, possibly leading to a meaningful professional relationship.

– Prospect’s name:
– Event details (name, date):
– Key details about your interaction:
– Your professional goal or shared interest with the prospect:
– Your name:

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